Volume 1 - sea kayak handling

Our multi award winning 80min film builds the foundations of good sea kayaking, from forward paddling to advanced techniques. World-class coaching is mixed with a beautiful journey along the remote west coast of the Isle of Skye. Standard definition only

Foundations - posture, connectivity, power transfer and feel plus edging and leaning

Forward paddling - slow motion and freeze frame analysis reveal secrets of this essential stroke

Turning - refine your sweep stroke, with support, footwork and bracing plus much more in 3 sessions

Tidal races - breaking in and out, angle of approach and eddy line exercises

Steering - Stern rudder, body and blade positions in following sea or surf

Rock hopping - draw and hanging draw, linked in flowing sequences through narrow channels and in rough water

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“Dynamic coaching in inspiring scenery”

Justine Curgenven

“A new standard for sports technique videos”

Ocean Paddler Magazine

“I sat in front of my TV, in a play boat, and learned more about boat handling skills than I have done over the last 5000 miles”

Patrick Winterton / Extreme kayaker