Volume 3 - four films in one

Handling Emergency Situations

Lifeboat and Coastguard rescue professionals advise on essential safety equipment, attracting attention and how to help yourself in an emergency. 46 mins

Sea Kayak Navigation

From tidal basics to advanced course shaping this coaching session emphasises practical navigation techniques and is co-presented by Franco Ferrero, author of the definitive manual on sea kayak navigation. 47 mins

Rolling Clinic

A unique interactive rolling clinic in which Gordon demonstrates most common mistakes then shows how to fix them.  You diagnose your own faults and teach yourself to roll. 41 mins

First Aid Kits

Rowland Woollven of the Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute advises on first aid kits for kayakers and dealing with medical emergencies. 20 mins

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“the standard of filming, editing and storytelling is excellent. The DVD has the best production values of the series - good pictures, clear sound, well weaved together.”  

Justine Curgenven

“outstanding and original... a must have for sea kayakers of all abilities.”  


“crucial topics covered in incredible depth by world class coaches and experts in the field.

Another superb DVD which will appeal to sea kayakers of all abilities and experience.”

Ocean Paddler Magazine