Volume 2 - rescues, towing & staying safe

Over 2hrs of exciting & practical instruction with groups taught in calm water and rough. The coaching is mixed with a superb adventure exploring St Kilda, a remote cluster of islands in the north Atlantic. High Definition

Assisted rescues - essential deep water rescue skills clearly explained and demonstrated

Self rescue foundations - balance exercises to teach yourself how to climb back into your kayak

Self rescues - from paddle float straddle and leg hook to full re-enter and roll

Technical landings - when you really must land on a rocky shore, this is how to do it

Contact tows - making and modifying contact tows plus their correct use in calm and rough water

Distance tows - modifying and using tow lines including rafted and ‘dog-lead’ tows

Rescue scenarios - kayakers tackle challenging real-life rescue situations

Anticipation and reaction - rough water skills to help you avoid being rescued

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“a huge improvement in the stuffiness that many other teaching DVDs suffer from.”  

Canoe & Kayak Magazine

“gold standard coaching...a superb reference tool for sea kayakers, including those working towards coaching and leadership awards”

Ocean Paddler Magazine

“so much information that other instructional DVDs now feel pretty thin...a must have video for all sea kayakers.”

Bryan Hansel

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